My Writing

I’m currently working on a college mystery series set in small town Nebraska. Agents and editors interested in seeing my work may contact me via Twitter or e-mail. Please see the Connect page for info.

Title: Death by Dissertation
Status: Completed Manuscript
Genre:  Adult, Mystery
Hawai’i native Cassandra Sato has an ambitious career mapped out, but the investigation of a deaf student’s mysterious death puts her at odds with the college president who is more interested in positive public relations than in finding answers. Aided by her few allies, she must figure out the truth before anyone else gets seriously hurt.

...Just let me learn how to do my job, teach a class, and figure out what happened to Austin Price before you match me up with every eligible guy within a 30-mile radius.   ~Cassandra Sato

Title: Dead Week
Status: In Progress
Genre: Adult, Mystery
Cassandra Sato, Morton College’s Vice President for Student Affairs, is hard at work in Carson, Nebraska until a freshman’s link to a past scandal disrupts the quiet campus. Cassandra will need to dig deep into long-hidden secrets and admit to her own failings to solve this case and move on to new professional and personal relationships.

Title: Winter Term
Status: In Progress
Genre: Adult, Mystery
Cassandra Sato’s highly anticipated first semester break in Nebraska should include plenty of quiet downtime sipping eggnog and upgrading Morton College’s international student recruitment and retention initiatives. Instead, her perfect winter holiday is hijacked by a freak snowstorm and a missing student.