Working as an American Sign Language Interpreter for many years provided much of the inspiration behind the Cassandra Sato series set at fictional Morton College in small town Carson, Nebraska. Let’s face it, academia is a gold mine of memorable personalities and funny situations. My favorite part about interpreting classes at local community colleges or the state university is indulging my passion for lifelong learning. From majors like education, computer science, anthropology, business and architecture to welding and automotives, I’ve studied a wide variety of topics without cramming for tests or writing any research papers. Win!

Often when I work in college settings, at business meetings or doctor offices, people are curious about my job or American Sign Language. I’ve started a list of FAQs for anyone who wants to know more about becoming a sign language interpreter or about ASL. It’s not an easy career, but I’ve enjoyed it immensely¬†and recommend it to those who are willing to study the language and Deaf Culture.

Feel free to use the contact form to ask me questions about ASL or the interpreting field and I’ll add them to the FAQs.